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Raising the Barre Book Club Questions

What were some of your girlhood dreams?

Have you ever been tempted to recapture one of those dreams? What happened?

Lauren writes about feeling restless, about wanting more even as she appreciates what she has. Have you ever felt that way? And you did…what?

Sometimes a groove – a groove you worked so hard to find — can become a rut. Does that resonate with you? Talk about it.

Lauren writes a lot about  the idea (and ideal) of “perfection” and says it can be a powerful/ positive push or a form of paralysis. How has “perfection” played out in your life?

Talk about the last time you took a real risk – emotionally, professionally, in any way.

What are some of your “master the fear” strategies?

Resilience – not just physical but emotional and psychological – may be the key to living an active, meaningful and engaged life. In what ways are you resilient? In what ways do you need to learn to be more resilient?

Time to share Nutcracker stories! Go.

 (Special for Barre3 folks): What in-the-studio “mantras” have meaning in the rest of your life?