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Questions for book clubs

Why do you think Lizzie allowed Lauren so much access into her life?

In what ways is/ was your “werewolf” different from/ similar to Lizzie?

What are some of the important lessons Lauren learned during this project?

Few of us would immerse ourselves in our children’s lives the way Lauren did.  Short of an 18-month anthropological experiment(!), what can you do – or what have you done – to better understand your teen?

What do you think was the breakthrough moment for Lizzie and Lauren?

Is Lauren a good mother?  What is a good mother?

It’s been said that the mother-daughter relationship is the single most important relationship in a woman’s life.  What do you think?  Is this true in your life – with your own mother?  With your daughter?

In what ways is your relationship with your daughter different from – and similar too – the relationship you had with your mother when you were growing up?

Everyone has “buttons” that can be pushed.  What buttons does your daughter push?  Your mother?  Does anyone else in your life push these same buttons?

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