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Counterclockwise Book Club Questions

When you think “getting older” or “middle-aged,” what are the first words or ideas that come to mind? (This can be a good prompt to talk about why our stereotypes of older people are often so negative and where that comes from. If some people offer positive visions – “experienced,” “grounded,” “wise,” etc., this provides a good opportunity to talk about where those positive images came from.)

Do you think age and ageing matter more to women than men? Why?

Do you think your biological age is younger or older than your chronological age? What “proof” do you have – and how might you go about gathering more evidence?

How does it make you feel to know that as much as 70 percent of how and how quickly you age might be under your control?

What are you doing right now that might be considered an anti-aging strategy? After reading Counterclockwise, what do you intend to do?

What have you done to help yourself look younger? Have you spent as much time, energy, thought – and money – into doing things to make you younger from the inside out?

“Let food be your medicine,” Hippocrates said. What do you think about this? In what ways do you or could you use food as anti-aging “medicine”?

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