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Raising The Barre – Reviews

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“Her book is eloquent, funny and so inspiring that readers might want to ‘attempt the impossible’ too.”
–People magazine, Best New Books

Raising the Barre gets a standing ovation.”
–Providence Journal

“Nothing about this middle-age tale is safe, comfortable, or predictabvle. Kessler’s journey to dance The Nutcracker is brave, joyful, wise, and justy crazy enough to makle me cheer for her from page one!”
–Sadie Lincoln, founder Barre3

“Kessler has a wonderfully self-conscious mettle, not to mention a deft hand with the evocative expression of her inner feelings. An amusingly shrewd memoir of following a lifelong dream.”

“Lauren Kessler grand jétés out of her comfort zone in this fascinating, funny, and inspiring book. It’s about dancing The Nutcracker only in passing; the true theme of this extraordinary, galvanizing narrative is how to conquer fear, step up, and summon the courage to pursue excellence at any age.”
–Karen Karbo, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

“This delightful story of one woman’s personal quest will be enjoyed by anyone who thinks age is just a number, but Nutcracker fans will find it especially appealing.”
— Library Journal

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